Tomato & Kale Frittata!

Hey guys! So ever since I hopped on board the paleo train, I’ve had the HARDEST time trying to figure out what to eat for breakfast. I’m a huge sucker for a comfy bowl of steel cut oats, and living without that has been so hard!!! But I’ve been doing my research and saw that tons of people made frittatas and called them “the paleo pizza” and decided to give it a try.

Using the kale and tomatoes I got from the farmers’ market, I gotta say I ended up with a pretty scrumptious breakfast! I added a bit of coconut cream to increase the volume slightly, and to provide an extra creaminess to the entire thing, because my biggest pet peeve is a dried out frittata/eggs!


– 3 cups of chopped kale leaves

– 2 tomatoes, sliced

– 5-6 eggs

– 1 tbsp coconut cream/almond milk

– salt & pepper

– coconut oil


So really all you do is just saute the kale first in the coconut oil! I also used a clove of garlic here, just to punch up the flavours!


While they’re sauteeing, whisk together your eggs and coconut cream and season with salt & pepper. When the kale has wilted down, place the tomatoes where you want them to be and gently pour the eggs on top.


Continue to swirl the pan around until everything’s covered evenly and cook either in a 375F oven until the top has set, or put the stove on medium and cover it with a lid until the top has set as well!


So yummy, and super filling!

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9 thoughts on “Tomato & Kale Frittata!

  1. I’ve got to say, paleo never looked so appetizing! I don’t think I could make the transition but you really make some terrific and good for you foods! Love the blog!

  2. This looks amazing! It’s in the oven as I type, It smells SO good! I only had 1 tomato so I decided to add some thinly sliced red onion as well, and instead of salt I sauteed the kale with a small amount of Tempero. I can’t wait to try it!

  3. Mine is not as pretty as yours, but it’s SO good. I’m eating it now, with some citrus carrot salad. (that was quick! lol) I’ll post a pic when I’m done.

  4. Would egg whites work for this? I have bad reactions to regular eggs because of the yolk😦

    • jasonsbites says:

      I’m sure it would🙂 but maybe add some cheese or something, just so you’ve got some extra fat in there that prevents it from drying out!

    • Audrey Turner says:

      Actually it would! Or you might try some Egg Substitutes to give color to make you feel like you have eggs. Egg Substitutes are really egg whites with color added.

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